How to pump up if you are skinny

The Internet is full of all kinds of weight loss methods. Meanwhile, there are many, many people who suffer from the reverse problem. They cannot gain weight. They use offensive and not very offensive terms. According to science, people with such a physique and body constitution are called ectomorphs. Thin, as a rule, with narrow bones and a minimum of subcutaneous fat. Today we will talk about how such a person gain and retain quality mass.

Why Some People Can't Gain Weight

If you think that a thin person is thin solely because he eats little, then you are mistaken. It is possible that he eats as much as you, and even more than you. The reason is metabolism. The body of an ectomorph can be compared to a stove: no matter what is thrown into it, everything will burn. Moreover, this stove is smart, and when you try to overload it, it turns on additional mechanisms that prevent weight gain.

In the late sixties, in one of the US prisons, prisoners were offered to participate in an experiment. Volunteers, among whom there were no overweight people, began to feed very abundantly until their body weight increased by 25%. Some of the participants could not gain weight no matter how much they were fed. The diet of one volunteer was brought up to 10,000 kilocalories per day, and at the same time he could not recover more than 18%. After returning to normal nutrition, absolutely all prisoners quickly returned to their original weight.

The ectomorph is programmed to be that way. When body weight increases, the ectomorph's appetite decreases. With an increase in mass, the “stove” begins to work even more intensively.

If you really strive to gain mass, then you need to gain high-quality mass. The benefits of fat are few, and the harm is more than real. This means that you can only get better at the expense of muscles, and here it is important to immediately understand the difference between abstract "physical activity" and specific methods of gaining muscle mass.

What sport will help an ectomorph

If you think that your skinny friend is like that because he does not play any sports at all, then you are mistaken. If he starts to run seriously, he can become even drier. We need a specific sport - power.

As soon as the ectomorph begins to pull iron, relief will quickly appear in it. This is just a reaction of the body to the physical load that has appeared, that is, the muscles have gained tone. To continue to increase muscle mass, it is not enough to continue to work with the same weights. It is necessary to constantly increase the amount of work, that is, either gradually, but constantly, from training to training, increase the weight, or increase the number of repetitions within reasonable limits. In general, it all boils down to a single principle:

In each next training session, you should do a little more than in the previous one.

Plus one kilogram, plus one repetition, but it is necessary. Forget isolation exercises. Forget about 20-30 reps per set. No more than 10 times, with a weight close to your current limit. Naturally, with a very thorough warm-up and with a partner. In your workouts there will be only the base and nothing but the base:

In general, amateur performances in the initial stages are dangerous, that is, you should not practice without the supervision of an experienced person or trainer. You can simply die on the bench when the bar crushes you, and there is no one to remove it. Also, setting the right technique will protect you from injury and help you progress better.

The rest will be done by the body due to your proper nutrition. We returned to nutrition again, because in this case it is the most important thing.

What and how to eat

Here, an example from the gym will be in place, when one guy stood on the scales before class, then weighed himself again in the middle of the workout and returned to the scales again after the class was over. Do you think he was trying to estimate the amount of moisture lost per session on a far from accurate scale? No, he expected to see an increase in mass. Sounds funny. Where does growth come from? Perhaps he learned to get protein from the air? Often, illiteracy in body chemistry nullifies all efforts, and a person gives up, not seeing progress.

In fact, everything is very simple here, you just need to follow two simple principles:

A positive calorie balance is the only condition for growth. You can buy the most expensive, high-quality organic rabbit meat that was fed the same organic carrot, but if the total number of calories in your daily diet is less than your “stove” burns, then everything is in vain. You need to eat often and a lot.

Think you can't eat more? Your problem would be overweight people. :) After you start going to the gym, your appetite will increase greatly. Very much. Just get started and see for yourself. True, along with this, the metabolism will also accelerate, but we will defeat it with calories.

Eating is much easier if you eat often. Many people have very few meals per day. Only three, and sometimes two. For success, an ectomorph must eat 5-6 times a day, according to the regimen. One massive meal won't solve anything. Calorie intake should be distributed as evenly as possible throughout the day with an emphasis on the metabolic window (this is when everything is absorbed better and faster within an hour after a workout) after training.

The body will always strive for balance, and in the case of an ectomorph, this is thinness. You have to either make the gym and the right diet your habits, or spit on all this right now, close this page, and then continue to complain about the injustice of life.

If you are still reading, then you have the will and willingness to change your diet. Doing this is easier than it looks. There are a number of products, delicious products, which are also very high in calories.

You can even start not with products, but with what we add to food. For example, olive oil is very high in calories. Bananas are a great and tasty choice. Dried fruits. Bitter chocolate. The last two options are good in terms of volume and calorie content. They take up little space, they are easier to eat, and you get a lot of energy. Of the more classic products, it is worth highlighting meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, rice, potatoes and bread. There are actually enough of these products. On the Internet, you can easily find calorie tables, choose from there those products that you like and are available, and then start fantasizing with the menu.

Don't forget your protein intake.

For a person who is moderately involved in strength sports and wants to gain muscle mass, the norm will be 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Based on these simple rules, adjust your daily diet. To better understand how much you need to increase your daily calorie content, you can calculate the number of calories consumed at which your weight does not change. Then you increase the result by 15%, go to the gym, eat according to the correction and evaluate the result. Began to actively deposit fat in the sides? Reduce calories. Nothing happens? Increase.

Discipline combined with progressive weights in training will give the result. Rules forcibly instilled in yourself will become habits that do not burden life in any way, thanks to which you can easily get the dry muscular body that is so quoted in our time, for which the overweight person has to really suffer.

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